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Myung In Dumplings
Myung In Dumplings
3109 W Olympic Blvd Ste B, Los Angeles, CA 90006
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Review: Myung In Dumplings

3109 W Olympic Blvd Ste B, Los Angeles, CA 90006

When people think of dumplings, often, they think Chinese dim sum, but there is more to dumplings; South Korea, for instance, has a wonderful and creative tradition with dumplings -- they call them mandu. If you've spent years having a grand time with Chinese dumplings and would like to expand your horizons, welcome to Myung In in LA's fun Koreatown quarter.

Myung In Dumplings has been delivering warm and wonderful goodies to dumpling enthusiasts in Koreatown for years; something fundamentally changed about the way people saw them, though, when celebrity food author and critic Anthony Michael Bourdain featured them on his show on CNN. Soon, they were getting an unbelievable lineup of dumpling enthusiasts from all over LA and beyond. Locals knew that Anthony Bourdain loved their dumplings, so they were determined to find out what made them so special.

Myung In Dumplings Food

Start with the King Steamed Dumpling with wonderful stuffing made of vegetables and pork, along with the softest and fluffiest pillow-like buns that you ever tried. They will make your day. If you'd like to sample a different kind of King Steamed Dumpling, try them with pork and kimchee. For a slightly more exotic feel, you must order the steamed dumpling with pork and shrimp -- they are spicy, and more importantly, they are brought to you in the steamer weaved of bamboo. The aroma from the steamed bamboo mixes in with the food for an immersive feel-good experience that you have to have.

Since their dumplings look small and are all so different, you'll probably order too many, anxious to see what they are all like. A word of caution, though -- dumplings can be very filling. You don't have to try them all at one sitting; keep coming back instead!

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